Tait McCarthy CTO
Motus XR

Tait McCarthy

From working inside data centers, to ramping up Silicon Valley startups, to driving product development at Fortune 500 software vendors, Tait has worked on a multitude of large-scale projects for verticals including health, government, and military. He has worked at all levels of the software development and implementation stack, from product management to development to implementation. He was a technologist and product manager at Oracle, designing large-scale products with regulatory compliance, like HIPPA, built in, and lead teams implementing platforms in hospitals and regulatory.

environments. Tait engineered genomics analytics platforms at the John Wayne Cancer Institute as well as redesigned the Ahmanson Melanoma Specimen repository tracking and reporting system for biostatisticians. Last 4 years in partnership with the Michael J Fox Foundation and Intel on the Fox Insight family of clinical studies, working with the research and clinical communities and the PD care population to develop an objective measure of Parkinson’s Disease. Fox Insight was the result of decades of effort by Andy Grove to replace the UPDRS with a more objective system. It’s that vision that Tait continues to drive forward today.

He holds a BA from Brown University.


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